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Employment Consideration




Pics are required as well as a face-to-face Interview. We do NOT hire anyone before we meet. If you can NOT meet and do an Interview, sorry we can NOT work with you.


We are always selectively hiring. In seeking employment we do require you be beautiful, intelligent, and know what this business is. 


We are hiring ladies from ages 18-40 who are petite, friendly, and well educated. (Please use the chart below to know if you are who we are looking for,  we are only looking for the low and target range height/weight ratio)


Please refer to the Employment Questions page for many questions you may have about joing our Escort service


If you are aware of what an Escort is and are ready to proceed, then please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you shortly


We are hiring for Greensboro, Nc Areas Only.


Please go to the Q&A Link for some Frequently Asked and Answered Questions you may have about Employment with 336escorts